“He enjoyed being a young man, having money, driving cars, dating girls. Kris Kross – we were busy for like four years straight, just touring and performing. Chris and his mother, Donna had a pretty decent-sized daycare center.  Donna was pretty smart with her money and she took care of Chris. He never had financial problems even though he might have spent every dime he had in his pocket at the moment.”

Discovered at Atlanta’s Greenbriar Mall as pre-teens, Chris Kelly and his partner Chris Smith became protégés of noted Atlanta producer Jermaine Dupri, eventually recording for his So So Def label, which just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary.  Nabs was hired as the group’s DJ via Dupri’s father Michael Mauldin who managed Kris Kross and Arrested Development, who Nabs was close to.

Kelly’s funeral will be held on Thursday in Atlanta. Joyner said today that he is in negotiations to celebrate the 20th anniversary of So So Def All-Stars to the Tom Joyner Family Reunion this fall in Orlando, Florida.

(Photo: Courtesy of DJ Nabs)

Kris Kross’ DJ Talks About Chris Kelly’s Death, Says Chris Had No Money Troubles, & Reveals Funeral Date  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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