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Dear Tom:

I now live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but I often drive to Chicago to visit my father and little brother who live there.   A few weeks ago, i was in Illinois attending a funeral, staying at my dad’s home.  During my visit heavy rains flooded his basement destroying a lot of his belongings.

Tom, one item that was destroyed from the flood really broke my dad’s heart.  It was a dj system he had scraped and saved  to buy as a gift to my brother for his high school graduation on June 1st.  My brother loves to dj and he had asked for the system so he could earn a little money over the summer dj-ing parties to use for college.

Since the flood, my father, who is disabled with congestive heart failure, has been in the hospital.  I have returned to Chicago to care for him while he recovers.   i know it would be a great weight off his mind if the dj system could be replaced and my brother could celebrate his graduation.  Sadly, I’m not in the position to help since i was laid off about 6 months ago.  So i am hoping and praying that god will work through the angel, Tom Joyner and help put a smile on the faces of my dad and brother by replacing the much valued dj system.


Melanie Street

Wednesday Christmas Wish: Melanie Street  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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