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Dear Tom,

My mother has been working for the u.s. Government for 47 years – she is currently with the Department of Homeland Security but we don’t talk about that.

She was a single mother raising my sister and me while working two jobs a lot of times. she did a phenomenal job raising us instilling her morals, values and taught us how to be a strong black woman.

When I became a single mom at age 16, my mother showed me how to overcome all obstacles.  I refused to be another statistic and graduated high school on time and went on to become a successful Police Officer.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her being there physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. she is so dedicated to her family and job -always putting others first and never takes time out for herself…she doesn’t even think about retirement!

I know She gets a lot of vacation days…but she loses them if she doesn’t take them. The last time she took time off was in 2010 and she went on a cruise.  She had such a great time she wants to go again. Can you help a mother out?


Petrina Pettegrue

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