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The return of Twinkies is a pretty big deal. Born in 1930, Twinkies have survived, depressions, wars, political administrations and anti-obesity campaigns. We got scared for a moment there, but they are back! Take a look at 18 other things that have lasted the last 83 years. Inventions, facts, ideas and people from 1930:

1. NYC Chrysler Building was completed 

2. Sean Connery was born

3. World population 123 Million

4. The Best Thing, AKA, Sliced Bread was sold

5. Looney Tunes airs in the U.S

6. Average price to rent a home, $15.00 per month

7. Average salary a year, $1,970.00

8. Number One Movie in 1930

9. Number one song in the U.S. “Three Little Words” by Duke Ellington

10. Chocolate Chip Cookie invented 

11. National Pan-Hellenic Council founded in Washington, D.C

12. Warren Buffet was born

13. First Mickey Mouse cartoon strip 

14. Average price of a movie ticket, $.50

15. Pound of Bacon, $.38

16. Average gallon of gas, $.10

17. Clint Eastwood was born

18. Betty Boop makes movie debut

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