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Dr. Cornell West is lashing out at both MSNBC and Reverend Al Sharpton.  West called MSNBC the Rent-a-Negro network.  And he said that Reverend Al is on the Obama plantation.  And, of course, all this was said on his homeboy Tavis Smiley’s radio show.  Tavis and Cornell have become the old men up in the balcony in The Muppet Show.

The royal baby now has a name.  Prince William and Katherine have named their baby boy George, which just happens to be the most hated name by black folks right now.

But also in jolly old England the town crier who announced the birth of the royal baby has become an international start.  Hear ye, hear ye, the future king is born.  And so now the British town crier is in demand here in America, in Detroit.  Hear ye, hear ye, our asses are broke.  In New York.  Hear ye, hear ye, do not tweetith thine meat.  And in Atlanta.  Hear ye, hear year, Kirk Frost does loveth them homes.

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