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Kmart has released a taboo commercial for Joe Boxer. The “#ShowYourJoe” ad is part of Kmart’s holiday-themed Joe Boxer items being sold at their store and online. In the commercial, you see men who are playing the bells place their hand-held bells down and start playing another tune…with a different set of bells.

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While I thought this ad was pushing the envelope, I understood the humor in it and took it as such. But not too many people were pleased with Kmart’s tongue-in-cheek ad and complained on Kmart’s Facebook page. Luckily for Kmart, not everyone watching was offended by the ad. “”I think it is so funny people are so upset over the joe boxer commercial,” Lauren Rae Atkins wrote on Kmart’s Facebook page. “We watch so many other ads with half naked women and nobody says a thing! I thought it was so funny! Good for you!”

Kmart has no issue with being just a little left of center. From their “Ship My Pants” ad to “Big Gas Savings” to their collaboration with Nicki Minaj, they love to make sure we remember them. This ad is sure to be a big one for the holiday. I’m a fan!

What do you think? Too cute or too much?



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