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He’s such an easy target.

Kanye West might as well have a sign on his back that says “provoke me and get paid.”

It can’t be easy being him. I’m not defending his actions, but every one knows he’s a young, rich, hot-headed male that TMZ and the tabloids love to hate.

The latest, as of this posting anyway, is his run in with a dude at the chiropractor’s office. As Kim Kardashian was entering the office, the guy holding the door for her allegedly used the N-word, referring to the paparazzi.  When she told him that word was inappropriate, he allegedly screamed at her “shut up, N -word lover, stupid slut.”

The story says Kanye arrived a short time later, ran up to the guy and punched him.

If this account is true, Kanye didn’t actually see or hear the encounter between Kim and the dude, which probably means Kim told him about it.

Here’s what I’d like Kim and other women, especially those with black men, to know. Black men need our love, our support, our help, and our loyalty.

Black men need us to have their back.

Yes, Kanye West puts his foot in his mouth and is fun to tease.  But like so many black men who are outspoken or confident, he has been labeled as arrogant or cocky. On stage or on the court, a certain type of swagger is expected and accepted by mainstream America.

What Kim may not know is according to, only 45 percent of black males graduate from high school in the United States, black men earn 67 percent of what white men make, and one out of every 21 black men can expect to be murdered.

Year after year, these horrific statistics are published and regurgitated by sociologists, reporters and talk show hosts.

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