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Jane: I think if you look at the tapes, the prosecution was wooden. It was one-dimensional and also, the defense put the prosecution on the defensive. It was as if Jordan Davis, the victim, was on trial the entire time. It was all about what Jordan did or did not do. Why is that? It should have been about what Michael Dunn did or didn’t do. So the defense comes on strong – Jordan had a gun, Jordan threatened his life and Jordan tried to get out of the car. Three things that were virtually disproven at trial. It’s kind of like politics. Whoever frames the debate wins. And we’ve heard that in the [political] strategizing that if you don’t frame the debate, you’re always on the defensive. And that’s exactly what happened here.

Sybil: What happens to Angela Corey and the prosecutorial staff in Florida now?

Jane: We all goof up. We all make mistakes and I’d hate to say somebody should lose their job. But I kind of did after this. But it’s more than one person’s job. This is about America, and this is a very important test and this goes beyond race. Are we going to become a country where any petty argument can turn into a deadly confrontation? We’re seeing that trend. Remember the guy who is texting during the movies and he gets into an argument with the retired cop sitting behind him and he blows him away? I don’t want to live in that world. This could happen to any of us.

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