Bravo network has a penchant for wedding drama and according to sources, word’s were exchanged between Todd’s mom calling Kandi’s mom a “a messy beotch”, the ceremony however went off without a hitch. Take a look at the trailer for “A Mother’s Love” it actually looks like it’s pretty good.

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Congratulations to Kandi Burrus and Todd Tucker, despite drama from Kandi’s momma, they exchanged vows on Friday and their collaboration on “A Mother’s Love” is coming to DVD.

If you keep up with the RHOA you know that Mama Joyce was none too happy about Todd’s opportunistic motives and felt that Kandi was being taken for a ride. Kandi’s net worth, according to the internet, is somewhere around $35 million. Kandi holds her mom in high esteem and was torn between her man and her mom which is also the story behind her play “A Mother’s Love.”

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