Kandi and Todd just welcomed a beautiful baby girl via surrogate and it seems like they got a few little issues to work out when it comes to parenting. The couple decided to create a vlog of their experience as parents over the age of 40 yrs old and things went a little left. Check […]

Ohhhhhh, The Chrisley’s are in trouble! Todd and Julie Chrisley are being accused of some federal level crimes. The couple has been indicted for tax evasion and bank fraud but they are not taking these allegations lying down. Todd Chrisley took to social media to explain, saying, “It all started back in 2012, when we […]

Tracy Morgan’s Condition Improving We’ve been keeping you updated on Tracy Morgan‘s health after the fatal six-car accident he endured last weekend, and now, it seems…

Bravo network has a penchant for wedding drama and according to sources, word’s were exchanged between Todd’s mom calling Kandi’s mom a “a messy beotch”, the ceremony however went off without a hitch. Take a look at the trailer for “A Mother’s Love” it actually looks like it’s pretty good.