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Where do we even begin? The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” season 3 super trailer was just released and Chile, Mondays are about to get a lot better.

The gang’s all back with a few new faces including Waka Flocka, Bambi and Yung Joc. Check all the ratchet moments that we can’t wait to play out in front of our eyes!

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Stevie & Joseline Are In Marital Bliss

Our favorite couple Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are in marital bliss. Joseline finally got Stevie to settle down and he seems happy, whodathunkit? The couple continue to build their relationship this season and are living together in a massive mansion. The super trailer opens with Stevie playing a melody at his grand white piano then we are quickly thrown into Mimi and Nikko’s story line….

Stevie & Nikko Fight

Who leaked the sex tape? That’s one of the major questions on this season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” In case you missed it, Mimi Faust and her opportunist boyfriend Nikko have a home video that will hit the Internet in 7 days (and counting). Mimi claims to be distraught about it in the recently released teaser, but we’re not buying it (especially when then stills from the video looks quite staged). Stevie confronts Nikko about releasing the tape and a physical altercation ensues. Tension between the two men had been boiling since Mimi first introduced them.

Joseline Hernandez responded to the trailer on Twitter:

joseline tweets

Kirk Has Lost His Mind

Remember last season of “L&HHATL” when Kirk had a threesome with two random popcorn groupies? Well he’s still on that ish. “A baby come out of they vagina, we have to take they word if they say it’s yours,” says Kirk. Well thanks for the anatomy lesson, but you’re out of line sir! Kirk swabbed his newborn baby (straight Melanie from “The Game” style) and conducted a paternity test because he was just that sure Rasheeda was cheating on him. After finding out the results (we don’t know yet, but we have a really good inclination that the baby is his) he hires a nanny who looks a day older than 16, to watch their son and…he watch her. Rasheeda and Kirk’s marriage is clearly on the verge of divorce (if you believe their storyline to be true)…

Yung Joc Is Cheating On Karlie Redd

Apparently when Yung Joc comes home to Karlie Redd he smells like a mixture of perfume and fish (down there), so what does Karlie do to remedy the situation? Asks the promiscuous rapper to move in with her so she can keep tabs on him, of course. Karlie claims to love Joc even though she loved Benzino last season. She finally confronts the woman who’s allegedly been sleeping with Joc and finds out, face-to-face, that the woman has been sleeping with Joc every night.

We just can’t take Karlie serious. Moving on…

Lil Scrappy  Is Up The Same Ole’, Same Ole’

Scrappy dun got another chick pregnant outside of his relationship with Bambi (she appeared on “Basketball Wives: LA”) who was the rebound chick to his fiance Erica Dixon and side chick Shay Johnson. Scrappy and Bambi were rocking steady, so we thought, but Scrappy introduces us to his new side chick who might actually be the main chick (sounds like Peter and Amina’s storyline). When Bambi finds out about Scrappy’s other woman, all h*ll ensues.

Oh and, one of them is pregnant!

Waka Flocka and his love interest make their debut on the show and we think their storyline will be less ratchet then the veteran cast, but since we’re dealing with a rapper, we’ll reserve our judgment until we see how he behaves this season. Cameras were also able to capture footage from the Benzino shooting incident that made headline news recently. You didn’t think Mona Scott-Young was going to let that moment go without capitalizing off of it now did you?

Sigh. We can always count on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” to revive reality TV.

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