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The safe zone proposal comes after Porterville, California’s previous mayor was ousted despite support for gays and gay rights.


The mayor of a town in California’s Central Valley has sparked outrage by suggesting that bullying victims need to “grow a pair” and stand up to their tormenters on their own.

As Fresno-based ABC affiliate KFSN reported last week, Porterville Mayor Cameron Hamilton made the controversial remarks while discussing a proposal to create a safe zone for bullied students.

“I’m against bullying, but I’m getting damn tired of it being used as a mantra for everything and the ills of the world,” Hamilton said during a recent city council meeting. “All most people have to do is grow a pair and stick up for them damn selves.”

“It is hard to stand up and ‘grow a pair’ when you’re maybe a 10-year-old little girl,” city councilwoman Virginia Gurrola, a supporter of the safe zone effort, countered.

“Then maybe the other 10-year olds that think they want to stop bullying will stand up for her instead of a safe zone wtih a placard,” Hamilton replied.

The safe zone project, which had been proposed by students at Porterville’s Burton Middle School, has since been withdrawn.


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Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Picture Courtesy of the City of Porterville and KPIX-TV San Francisco

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