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Tiny’s ready to keep fighting for her marriage despite T.I.’s rumored affairs, and she’s shouting her love for him all over the place!

Tiny and T.I. have been through their fair share of marital issues this year, and it’s pretty much all played out on social media and the Internet. But Friday marked their 4th wedding anniversary, and Tiny was more than happy to honor the man she loves with a sentimental post on Instagram.

“4 yrs ago @troubleman31 made me The Mrs. Harris, this was the best day ever!! My own Fairy Tale Wedding,” she wrote. “El Debarge singing ‘All this Love’ for our first dance and @jamiejamiefoxx sung me down the aisle. It doesn’t get much better than that!! Happy Anniversary to the man I LOVE, my husband!”

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Tiny and T.I. have been a lot cozier ever since the BET Awards in June, and they’ve even gone on a couple’s trip for her birthday. In a recent interview with “The Insider,” she said it’s all part of their path to reforming their bond. “We just want to go forward and move positive. Me and my husband are in a good place and I just want to keep moving,” she said.

Tiny doesn’t expect things to be better overnight, either. “A marriage is work. But I mean, you know, as long as it’s worth it, it’s all good,” said Tiny. “You’ve got to go through something to get back right, to get back tight. You know, we are working on it one day at a time.”

Neither, T.I. nor Tiny have explicitly stated that there has been an affair, but it has been implied quite a bit that he stepped out on her. There hasn’t been overwhelming sympathy for Tiny as some fans have argued that she should expect T.I. to cheat simply based on his level of success.

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Sadly, it’s contemporary opinion that all men cheat, but reports that it is not nearly as common people think it is. A lot less common. The site quotes a 1997 study that concluded extramarital sex actually happens in less than 25 percent of all committed relationships in the United States. reports that in more recent years, however, that anywhere from 50-60 percent of married men cheat. That rate is about 45-50 percent for married women.

Many have wondered why Tiny wouldn’t leave T.I. if he was cheating on her, but the truth is that lots of married couples don’t break up after an affair. According to, somewhere between 60-75 percent of relationships that have experienced extramarital affairs stay together after the infidelity was revealed. However, reports that number to be only 31 percent. Splitting the difference, it can reasonably be assumed that 1/3 – 1/2 of all marriages that experience infidelity remain in tact.

If a couple does decide to stay together, most experts agree that forgiveness is the first step to reconciliation. After that, Dr. Tammy Nelson told The Huffington Post that it is important for the partner was cheated on to realize that their life is not over and they can survive the betrayal.

The real question that haunts everyone is “why?” Tammy suggests that finding out what motivated their partner to cheat is a huge part of getting past the real root issue in their relationship and repairing their marriage.


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