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Oh no!

You can add Jill Scott to the growing list of celebrities (Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and more) who’ve had their privacy invaded and personal photos leaked to the Internet. Late last night, two photos of what appeared to Jill Scott hit social media. Apparently one was real and the other was photoshopped. Jill took to Twitter to address the controversy saying:

“I def took the 1st pic w/ a robe; weight loss chronicle but the 2nd, sorry freaks, is not me. I wish I had that space between my thighs.”

She added, “1) How quickly they forget (smh). I did nothing wrong & nothing that was YOUR snake concern. My photo was hacked; my PRIVACY INVADED.”

To further prove her innocence, she posted this photo that shows her cellphone verses the cellphone in the photoshopped image:


We know what you’re thinking, why take nude pics in the first place? But what you do with your camera is your business and does not give and hacker the right to release intimate shots that would otherwise go unseen. It’s a shame what some people do for a quick pay day.

As for Jill, we still love you girl and your body is looking fab!


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