Ravens running back Ray Rice is planning to address the media at 3 p.m. Friday for the first time since he was charged with knocking


We figured this was going to eventually happen and today video was released by TMZ of Baltimore Raven Ray Rice in a domestic altercation with his then-fiancee (now wife) Janay Palmer that resulted in her being knocked out.

In the video Ray strikes first, she hits him back and then he swings with a left uppercut that knocked Janay clean out after she hits her head on the elevator wall.  There is no sound to the video, as if it matters at all, so we do not know what the couple was arguing about.  Once the elevator stops, Ray drags Janay to the doorway and leaves her lifeless body there.  A person that appears to be a hotel worker approaches and is there until Janay awakens.  Rice remains at the scene doing nothing to help and towards the end of the video when Janay is helped up he reaches for her and she jerks back from him.

The NFL only slapped Ray on the wrist with a 2 game suspension.  Ray was arrested but Janay begged for leniency.  A press conference was held where Ray apologized and Janay defended him and stood by his side.  The couple married a month after the incident happened.

WARNING the video is very disturbing and graphic


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