For all your roller coaster fans! This floorless roller coaster looks insane! According to ABC 6/ Fox 28, the new ride Rougarou, will be ready by Spring 2015. This roller coaster will be in center of the park, replacing the Mantis roller coaster. In a release Thursday afternoon, Cedar Point says the coaster will reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour, while riders feet dangle above the track, and at some points, the water of the lagoon.

Rougarou will have a 145-foot-tall hill at the start, then make a 180-degree turn as the train cars race down towards the water. Rougarou will also have the world’s only inclined loop on a floorless roller coaster. An inclined loop means a loop that leans to the side, in this case it will have a 45-degree angle.

There will also be two more loops, and a 360-degree turn. Do you want to ride it? Take our poll below.

Cedar Point to Unveil New, Floorless Roller Coaster

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