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CNN reports that wild cheers and applause greeted Dr. Craig Spencer as he spoke publicly for the first time after being cured of Ebola.

Wearing a blue sweater and smiling during the press conference at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, the American physician seemed the picture of health, less than a month since he was diagnosed with the deadly viral hemorrhagic fever.

With Spencer free of the virus, all U.S. patients who had Ebola have recovered.

He said he was “very proud” to have treated patients in Guinea with Doctors Without Borders, and urged that the focus return squarely to the West African nations where the disease has infected and killed thousands.

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“I cried as I held children” who had Ebola who were not strong enough to battle the virus, Spencer said.

He witnessed families torn apart and entire communities destroyed and felt “immense joy” when family members who survived returned his kindness by inviting him into their homes. Spencer said that while he was in the hospital battling the virus, his friends called him from Guinea and asked how they could help him.

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