You may have noticed that a lot of your coworkers and friends have been sniffling and coughing lately. That’s because local doctors are warning of an uptick of the cold virus running around. According to, Dr. Marc Pesa said he’s seen an uptick in the number of patients coming into his offices with cold […]

If you were thinking of feeding your pets some of your precious Halloween treats, don’t do it, reconsider! Experts say that your fur babies could get very sick if you feed them candy. is warning pet parents about allowing their animals to indulge in the sweet treats and encourage you not to give them […]

Nia Noelle

The Flu Vaccine saves lives… flat out!  But did you know you can still get the flu even if you’ve gotten the vaccine?  Sadly the vaccine doesn’t completely save you from getting the flu especially since the flu this year is an epidemic.  But the flu vaccine can lessen your symptoms if you do get […]


The flu season in Ohio is beginning to take its toll. State health officials are calling influenza “widespread.” Reportedly, there have been nearly 300 flu-related hospitalizations in the first week of January alone. You are urged to protect yourself by getting a flu shot, regular hand washing and staying home when you’re sick. Follow me […]

Misty J

Researchers studied molecules and bacteria left on cell phones, and it has a lot of information about you and your habits! That evidence could tell whether the person who owns it is a man or woman, what they like to eat and drink, what kind of medications they take, the types of cosmetics they use, […]


According to ABC 6, some residents who live in the Annhurst apartment complex near Blendon Woods Metro Park say they are afraid the mold in their homes is making them sick. Heather Brown said her two-year-old son Nikos has developed asthma and is frequently ill. “Every time he sleeps in his bedroom, about an hour […]


According for Fox 28, health officials now think Ebola survivors can spread the disease through unprotected sex nearly twice as long as previously believed. Scientists thought the Ebola virus could remain in semen for about three months. But a recent case in West Africa suggests infection through sex can happen more than five months later. […]

Nia Noelle

Legendary blues musician B.B. King has been hospitalized after suffering from dehydration related to diabetes. King has had Type II diabetes for over two decades. Last year, the 89-year-old had to cancel eight shows due to his illness. Although he remains hospitalized, his daughter Claudette released a statement saying that he is doing “much better.” […]

According to a report, adults don’t get the flu as often as they may think. Jasmine Sanders shares it’s actually kids that get it more frequently. Listen to…


From NewsOne: The first person to contract the Ebola virus within the United States is taking action against the Texas hospital that exposed her to it, the…


CNN reports that wild cheers and applause greeted Dr. Craig Spencer as he spoke publicly for the first time after being cured of Ebola. Wearing a blue sweater and smiling during the press conference at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, the American physician seemed the picture of health, less than a month since he was diagnosed […]

Celebrity News

Stevie Wonder has followed in Charlie Sheen’s footsteps by donating money to a little girl battling cancer. It was recently revealed that Charlie wrote a cheque for $75,000 after hearing about ten-year-old Jasmine, who has been diagnosed with Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma. TMZ is now reporting that singing legend Stevie is the latest famous face to donate […]