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According to Fox 28, a small, cargo plane crashed into a Chicago home, killing one pilot and narrowly missing an elderly couple inside Tuesday morning.

The Federal Aviation Administration says the pilot changed his final destination to Ohio State University’s Don Scott Airport just before takeoff at Midway International Airport. ABC 6/FOX 28 reporter Mike McCarthy says it appears the plane may have been bringing lab supplies to a company in Dublin.

The FAA says the pilot reported engine trouble to air traffic control, and asked to return to Midway. He lost control and crashed about one quarter mile short of the runway, into a brick residential home.

The elderly couple inside was inside their bedroom, located next to the living room where the plane crashed. City of Chicago Fire Department Chief Michael Fox says the couple was reported to be eight inches from the wreckage.

“Very lucky, very lucky,” Fox says. “They were in the bedroom next to the living room. And the living room is gone.”

Records found online show the plane was registered to Central Airlines Incorporated, located in Kansas.

The National Transportation Safety Board and FAA are both investigating.