According to Columbus Underground, Columbus gets mentioned in a lot of national rankings in all types of categories from all kinds of media outlets. Most recently, we’ve been ranked as an opportunity city, an arts and culture city and an American Dream city. It’s time to add more to the list for 2014, as Columbus was just ranked by as the number one US city for Single Women.

“We researched population data of major U.S. cities, including the total numbers, the percentage of men, the percentage of women and the amount of single men compared to the amount of single women,” explains Hayley Matthews in the article published online yesterday. “Using this information, we were able to track down not only where the men are, but also where the single men are.”

Columbus clocked in with a total of 137,281 single men, beating out competitors including Boston, Seattle, DC and Portland.

Local single ladies should keep in mind though that the list doesn’t seem to take sexual orientation into consideration, which should be an important factor since Columbus is also ranked as the gayest big city in Ohio.


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