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Sommore has an important warning for Black people in this early new year. You’ve got only one day left to wish anyone a Happy New Year.

“You can’t run Happy New Year in to King Day,”  she says. “White people can say Happy New Year up until January 30th. But Black people, this is it it for us. This is starting the King celebration now. This is unwritten law.”

If you want to catch this lady in person, you know this is just about the time Sommore heads on on the road every year. And yup, right after this weekend’s Festival Of Laughs in Miami with Arnez J. and Marvin Dixon,  she’s going out on the Standing Ovation Tour. It’s a 25-city tour starting off in Newark, New Jersey at the NJPAC with Gary Owen, Arnez J. Tony Rock and Huggy Lowdown.

“We were able to afford Huggy this year, so this is going to be a good thing,” Sommore says.

No one really knows how old Sommore though she will admit to being over 40. She says she stays in shape with exercise, but dieting is not her thing.

“I do everything. I box, I jump rope, I swim. I lift weights. The only thing I don’t do is diet. I cannot diet. You gotta drive past Krispy Kreme and KFC and all that to get to where you going. I’m holding it down for women over 40.”

Jersey native Sommore says that she’ll be watching the Whitney biopic on Lifetime on Sunday. She’s a huge Whitney Houston fan.

“If they don’t do Whitney right, my whole set will be on Lifetime. They ain’t gon’ do Whitney like they did Aaliyah. I don’t know. They ain’t got Bobby’s complexion right. That Bobby they got is too light.”

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