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This is good news! According to Fox 28/ ABC 6, a young teacher is back on his feet after a life changing injury. It’s remarkable, because he didn’t know if he’d ever walk again. Kyle Sherman doesn’t remember much about July 25, 2014. That’s when he dove into a pool, and suffered a skull fracture and spinal injury, paralyzing him.

“When I woke up, I couldn’t move things until a couple days later when I moved a thumb and then a toe”, said Sherman. “And eventually move my foot.”

“We knew that he would be able to progress”, said Dr. Jonathan Pedrick, Medical Director of the OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital. “But at the same time we knew it would take a long time and take a lot of work.”

Sherman spent 33 days at the OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital.”He really surprised me”, said Pedrick. “From where he was at when he was here. He started driving a wheelchair with his lips and that’s really all he could move effectively.”

Three weeks later Sherman was walking.”I wanted to walk”, said Sherman. “I wanted to get up. You can’t really give up in this kind of situation no matter how bleak it looks it’s better to have faith than not.”

Kyle’s mother, Debbie Sherman, would love to meet the people who pulled Kyle from the bottom of the pool, saving his life.

“If it wasn’t for them – that man being trained in CPR – Kyle would not be alive today”, she said.

“He was dead when they pulled him out of the pool. It’s been a miracle story every single day since then. He is a miracle. A miracle man.”