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This is really starting to get out of hand!  It seems that there are no safe places for our children. According to 10TV, two boys were robbed outside the Livingston Branch of the Columbus Library, and they say it’s shattered their sense of safety.

“I feel kind of shaken up, nervous, worried,” said one of the boys. The two brothers were too scared to even walk to school today or reveal their identities.

“He pulled out a gun and he said ‘give me everything you got,’” the boys said. The incident started inside the library. The boys said they met up with another boy and hung out with him.

They said they needed to call their mom, but didn’t have any minutes left on their cellphone and couldn’t use the library phone. The boy said they could come to his apartment and call.

“We went across the street with him and he took us around the parking lot,” the boys said. That’s when the boys say he pulled out the gun. They handed over their tablet and phone but were afraid it would get much worse.

“My life was over,” said one boy. “He said ‘go — go that way, before I shoot you.’” “It’s a reality check for them to not just trust everybody, and I never wanted that for him,” said the boys’ mom Dionne Perry.

Perry and the family keep close watch over the boys. That was the first time they were allowed to walk to the library alone.

“I don’t let them run around and do whatever they want to do. They’re accountable for their time and what they do,” Perry said. “For this trouble to just find them is really sad.”

The family never imagined the boys would encounter trouble like that at a library.

“You’re thinking this is an alternative place you can sit and study, you can read books and play in the playroom and be safe,” said the boys’ aunt, Robin Perry. “We have to teach them other ways to live that you don’t want. You shouldn’t have to teach your children.”