Ellen, you were married to NBA star Vince Carter. [The two were college sweethearts and infidelity was part of the reason they broke up.] Basketball wives have become very popular but maybe not for the right things. What made you decide to join the show and how much did you want to share about your relationship?

The great thing about WeTV [and their producers] is that they didn’t want another Basketball Wives and they didn’t want it to be all about the guys. And that applies to me and Ione. We have a daughter together and we have a wonderful relationship, but unfortunately our marriage didn’t work out. I was very hurt in my relationship but now going into another serious relationship it’s hard to trust again and that’s part of my storyline.

Ione, you were married to Antwan Jamison. How did you feel about sharing about your relationship? How do you keep the focus on you and not on the gossip or the more salacious things people want to know? [Antwan and Ione met around Charlotte, he knew her sister first].

The show is not really about our ex-husbands at all. It’s about transitions and our lives and that’s what WEtv really liked about us. Of course, our ex-husbands are a huge part of our past because we married and had children with them but they are not part of the show at all.

Ione, one of the biggest transitions on your show is your best friend Juan’s transition from your best male friend to now identifying and transitioning to a woman. It seems like you struggled with this a little bit.

I met Londyn in college and she was a he then and she went to Morehouse College. We’ve known each other since we were 18 years old. We just clicked from the moment we met. When Londyn made the decision 8 years ago to be a woman it was very hard for me because I loved Juan. But this is something Londyn has been battling her whole life, but it’s been hard to me to accept not having Juan anymore.

So what can viewers of Love Thy Sister expect this first season?

Ruby: You see my struggle turning 40 years old, with Ellen you see her relationship with [politician boyfriend Bakari] and how it evolves and you see Ione dating again and getting back out there and trying to find love. And it’s the story between us and how we battle sometimes and how we relate to each other and are sisterly toward each other. And a lot of fun moments.

Ellen: That’s what sets our show apart. It’s an hour of fun, drama, love – all those good things.

Love Thy Sisters airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. on WeTV.

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