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It’s hard to think up a better roast-master than Kevin Hart. Much of the Philly native’s stand-up is like a self-roast, and the rest of it can come off like a one-sided game of The Dozens.

News of an official Justin Bieber roast put on by Comedy Central was soon accompanied by the announcement that Hart would lead the charge, and it got even better when Will Ferrell showed up as Ron Burgundy on the night of the event.

While promoting their new movie Get Hard the two actors spoke with The Urban Daily about the Comedy Central roast and what audiences can expect when it airs later this month.

“It was amazing,” Hart says. “I think the whole thing is gonna come out great. I can’t wait for people to see it. I think it’s gonna put Bieber in a different light where he can kind of leave his past behind him and move on and now be an adult and start doing adult things. It was dope. I’m glad I got to do it.”

Ferrell plays coy when asked about his Ron Burgundy cameo: “I wasn’t there, you’d have to ask Kevin.”

“From what I saw Ron was Ron, man,” Hart offers. “I wish Will could have been there but he was actually headed here to SXSW. Ron Burgundy came out as Ron Burgundy. The thing about Ron is he’s kind of in his own world. I don’t like to call the guy an asshole but it’s very tough to explain what something is to a guy who feels that he already knows. There’s no talking [to him]. He literally stormed out after his performance and didn’t turn around. I think he threw a glass at the back wall. It was weird, caused a lot of mayhem.”

The Anchorman star can’t hep but interject, ““He recited the facts though,” Ferrell says of Burgundy’s cameo.

“He hit a lot of facts,” Hart admits. “He did hit a lot of facts. Definitely made us laugh at some of the things he said, not just because it was funny but because some of the stuff, I don’t think it pertained to anybody up there. I think he thought that we were all people from his past at one point. At that point he’s just talking so you gotta let him go and jump in his world with him.”

After building up a hilarious habit of publicly clowning his rapper friends online, Hart seemed like an obvious choice for the Bieber roast.

“It’s different. It’s just a way to mess around with your friends,” he says of the social media goofs. When asked who he’s burned best, Hart names both Drake and Meek Mill as highlights before crediting the Toronto rapper for returning the favor.

“Telling Meek that he looked like a guy who used to steal cable was definitely something that was funny,” he says. “Telling Drake that he looks like the type of guy to drink his own bathwater. [Laughs] I think Drake probably hit me with one that was funny. I had on this leather tank-top shirt, and he said it looked like I was wearing a dry-fit leather t-shirt. He went on this whole thing about how I’m not a model, no agency will sign me. Drake’s pretty funny. It’s good to have those relationships in play. At the end of the day it gives your fan-base something else to see.”

Read the rest of our interview with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart here.


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