Kevin Hart is fighting back against that $60 million dollar sex tape lawsuit that was brought against him by Montia Sabbag. Sabbag is the woman that appeared in the sex tape with him. Sabbag is suing for $60 million and has accused Kevin and his friend conspired to tape their encounter. According to TMZ, the […]

We are all still rooting for the full recovery of actor/comedian Kevin Hart after his spine-fracturing car accident over the Labor Day weekend. He is making some progress though. Reports say that he has finally been released from the hospital, but he won’t be going home just yet. According to, he will be living […]

Kevin Hart is issued another apology to the member of the LGBTQ community for his past tweets that came back to haunt him. According to, Kevin addressed the issue on his satellite radio show, speaking in third person, “I will say this, and I want to make this very clear. And I’m going to […]

Kevin Hart has officially stepped down as the host of the 2019 Oscars. Hart was met with much scrutiny when he announced that he would be serving as host for one of the biggest shows of his career. Social media dug down deep and brought up his past which caused the comedian to gracefully bow […]

We all know that Mike Epps and Kevin Hart have been going at each other’s throats for several years now. Over the weekend, the pair had an exchange on social media when Hart posted this pic on IG:   Hart posted a pic of him while boxing when Epps decided to leave a comment that didn’t […]

So now we all know who was trying to extort Kevin Hart. Remember when the video was leaked of Hart cheating on his wife with a woman in a Las Vegas Hotel? The woman said that she did not leak the video, and Hart and his teamed vowed that they would get to the bottom […]

Kevin Hart had himself a great time at the Superbowl last night! It all started with a video of him apparently a little tipsy and dancing in the stands.   It progressed from there! Kevin was given the mic and accidentally dropped the “F-Bomb” while on NFL GameDay Prime. *****EXPLICIT LANGUAGE***** Then security put on […]

Kevin Hart is about to embark on a new tour! He just added 100 additional dates to his “Irresponsible Tour” so he is gonna be pretty busy, but he is being very responsible because he is taking his wife Eniko and the baby Kenzo with him. Hart and his wife Eniko even make light of […]

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The comedian is taking down the extortionist that looks to tear up his happy home. As we reported, comedian Kevin Hart sent out a heartfelt video apologizing to his family and wife Eniko for not being a perfect man. Now TMZ says they have the tape that shows Hart in a sticky situation with a woman that […]

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So much for a happy anniversary. Kevin Hart’s wife Eniko was sharing a special moment on social media and wishing her man a happy anniversary but things went left quickly. While posting a beautiful wedding photo, Eniko threw some tea that many followers caught in a heartbeat.   While followers and fans were rehashing old beef […]

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This isn’t your momma’s Jumanji. The reboot of the classic movie “Jumanji” is going down in theaters come December 20. You may remember 1995 classic that was about a group of friends inside a board game and had to finish the game to reverse all the destruction that occurred. With the late Robin Williams who […]

Some of these couples aren’t together anymore, but that doesn’t mean that didn’t once have a loving relationship.  And then there are the stars that have stood the test of time. Click through the gallery to see some of your favorite celebrity show their boo’s, former or otherwise, some major love.