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By BridgetEE

What do you see?  What do you feel?  I hear a sound that induces passion.  Warmth beneath my feet, I feel a maraca slowly shimmering down my spine as I sit perched high on a bright orange sunset with a backdrop blue sky.  Boom boom clack ♪ ♫ I smell the essence of obsession that causes paralyzing funk, while the sultry brass massages my spine and a vibrant KORG strokes my mind.  Boom boom clack ♪ ♫ the gentle breeze of the high hat while seduction flows across the trees.  Boom boom clack ♪ ♫ do you feel me?   Boom boom clack ♪♫ come flow with me…

Keep on viben with me as we encounter what happens when you combine forces that are constantly changing like clouds rolling over a tumultuous  sea.  Real artists, real musicians who know how to produce a euphoric set in scheme, create an effect that bines ones together.  They create melodies that tell a story without saying a whole lot.  They open your third eye to make you feel emotions that you thought were kept.  Harmonies that romantically fill sick obsessions of perfect sound.  Are you tired yet :)  ? Boom boom clack ♪♫  CREAM is flesh, but flesh dies unlike soul.  SOUL lives forever.  Reinventing.  Can always be felt.  As will this masterful new cut by Grammy nominated and best selling sax man Boney James.  Always reinventing, recreating, now with the genius incorporation of Stokley lead singer of Mint Conditon,  Boney James has created a MASTERPIECE.  Stokley a multifaceted artist also Grammy nominated singer, musician and percussionist.  Together these brothas from a Jazz motha have concocted the perfect storm evolving out of FUTURESOUL (Album release May 4th).  Put real arrangements, real instruments and real musicians together in a studio, on a stage or white sands beach and you will receive REAL music, timeless GREATNESS.  This song is down right SEXY!!!   AFRAID?  I feel your apprehension, but you will release your inhibitions.  You don’t need to see it any other way, either you will or you won’t… ;)   “Either Way” I choose to stay and I know you will do the same.  As always please listen responsibly ♫

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