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A banana peel was recently thrown at Dave Chappelle at a comedy spot. My question is, why did someone just so happen to have a banana at a comedy show? Get the full story below via TMZ.

An audience member threw a banana peel at Dave Chappelle during his show in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Christian Englander, who appeared drunk to the police confessed to the racist act.

Englander told the police that he was upset that Chappelle singled out his friend for drawing in a comic book during the show. The jokes got increasingly worse once Englander’s friend identified himself as “Johnny Appleseed.” Englander says he thought Chappelle was being racist and just so happened to have a banana to retaliate.

***Viewer discretion advised for language***

See how Chapelle responded below:

“Hey, who just threw a banana peel? Hey, would you guys like to see your favorite comedian beat the sh&% out of somebody?

First of all, I am not going to let White people ruin bananas for me *^&%&%*& they’re a good source of potassium. And I know my man– I see Corey just jumped off the stage. Corey is one of my Black friends from Harlem. Corey when you find that muthafucka, do not throw him out, bring him to me. First, I’m going to kill him with my comedy and then I’m going to kick him in his fucking face.

I can’t believe not only that someone threw a banana on stage; I can’t believe that they had a banana on them, this entire time. And he thought, ‘I’ll just throw the peel at Dave Chappelle.’ He knows I’m going to be mad. ‘Je’ suis Charlie.’ That’s what he said when he threw the banana peel. ‘Je suis Charlie Nigger. What a guy can’t draw a cartoon?’ …What a bit#@”


What do you think of Chappelle’s response? Leave a comment below.


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