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Singer Raheem DeVaughn has taken to wearing a gold crown out in public, something that gets its fair share of unique responses. His self-appointed reign is, he says, about being The Love King.

“You shouldn’t have to hide who you are,” he says, only half-jokingly. When we wears it in public, he’s usually asked if he is getting married or is it his birthday. The singer, who hails from Washington, D.C. is one of the most prolific artists of the contemporary group, putting out an album every other year it seems. His latest is Love Sex Passion and its seconds single “Temperature Rising” is a tribute to another R&B loverman, R. Kelly.

RaheemDeVaughn-Courtesy“It’s really more a salute to the 90’s and the culture of the 90’s. To this day, if you have a mix tape, you’ve got to have something from the 90’s and you’ve got to have something from Kells. Just like if you make a mix tape now, you’ve got to have something All of my HBCUers know. You’ve got to have something from the 12 Play catalog,” DeVaughn said. “If you make a mix tape [of current artists] you’ve got to put one of my records on there.”

The new single includes a portion of Kelly’s classic song “Seems Like You’re Ready,” from his 12 Play album. But there won’t be any trouble from the man himself.

“R. Kelly officially owns a large percentage of this song,” says DeVaughn. “I took a hot line and made a hot song and I made a salute. I’ll back it back on the road and when he hears it, he’ll want to jump on the remix. It could be worse. You got some of the old cats that if you incorporate their work, they want the whole thing.”

DeVaughn, who says he tries to write a song a day, may one day be paid from someone sampling his work. He’s already started on his next album.

DeVaughn has his own foundation, the Love Life Foundation and he’s choosing three students – one from D.C., one from Maryland and one from Virginia to pay for books and supplies up to $2,000 for their entire school year. For more information on the scholarship, open to high school seniors with a 2.5 GPA or better, click HERE. 



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