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When does cute cross the line of inappropriate?

Love & Hip Hop star Kimbella is caught up in controversy after posting a photo of she and her daughter wearing matching mommy and daughter swimsuits. Oddly, she opted to wear the one-piece and put her daughter in a metallic bikini.

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Fans immediately commented under the photo. One person wrote,

“You want to be sexy as a grown woman. Cool. Don’t sexualize the children. Children are meant to be cute. There would not be two pieces for children if silly parents stop buying them. Let her be a lil girl while she is young. When she starts her teens and understands fashion let her make her choices. Just because kimbella decides not to cover her own body because she makes money off of it that’s an ADULT decision. Let the lil girl wear a one piece especially since she tugs at her clothes. I don’t feel your a bad person or mom. Just not the brightest decision. Your teaching her beauty is showing her body. When it’s the exact opposite. For all the ppl saying this is ok. It’s take a village to raise children. Take it easy.”

Another added,

“It’s so many pedophiles on the internet and the way she standing and holding the corner of her bathing suit looks very unappealing and unacceptable… ..why does she have on a two piece and you don’t …get your shit together bitch start shopping on ….as a concerned parent you should reevaluate your’s ok to match and be cute but any parent with common sense would dress their child appropriately”

In defense of Kimbella, a fan said,

im not understanding…. it’s PLENTY!!!! of celebrities children in 2 pieces, what do you expect, it’s summer! but being that the child is holding a SLIGHT CORNER of the TIP of the panty part, this shit blows up into Kimbella being a bad/ “thot” mom, and her swimsuit is inappropriate ??? SMH. But if some celebrity who was “praised” did it, it’d be “cute” & harmless ….Oh.

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