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On Last Week Tonight, host, John Oliver roasted Whoopi Goldberg to a crisp. In the above video, you will see his “And Now This” segment where he uses clips from The View to show that Goldberg has literally defended things that she maybe shouldn’t have.

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Most recently, Whoopi defended accused serial rapist, Bill Cosby. She’s said that she “doesn’t like snap judgments” and that “he has not been proven a rapist.” She even made jokes about the 80s not being for for everyone.

According to reports, last week, the Associated Press published unsealed Cosby testimony from a 2005 civil suit wherein the he admitted to the following: drugging a 19-year-old woman for the purpose of sex; obtaining seven prescriptions for Quaaludes to administer to women for the purpose of sex; asking his agent at William Morris to pay off a woman “no questions asked”; and offering to pay for one of his rape accusers’ educations when she and her mother asked him for an apology.

Whoopi still defends him, surely in need of more proof.

Whoopi has been known to ruffle all of the feathers before Raven-Symone was even an option to co-host The View. Goldberg’s innate desire to play devil’s advocate on everything from rape to the messiest of celebrity scandals always has her saying something that’s just…bad.

Oliver’s hilarious video is proof positive that Whoopi’s got some seriously skewed opinions. Check out this video of all the things Whoopi has defended:

1. Bill Cosby

2. Roman Polanski

3. Ray Rice

4. Chris Brown

5. Torture

6. Jesse James Cheating On Sandra Bullock

7. Her Decision To Appear In The 2014 Ninja Turtles Movie

8. Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

9. Mel Gibson

10. Her Own Career Goals


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