“When I come out of this, I feel that I will be able to perform and be the Bill Cosby that my audience knows me to be,” Cosby said.


Bill Cosby’s lawyers are on their job and have decided to file a motion to get him out of the clink. They are requesting that he is put under house arrest amid reports that at least one prison officer has tested positive for coronavirus. Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt told Page Six, “We believe it is only a matter […]

Bill Cosby has been in jail for over 4 months now and hasn’t had any visitors. Don’t feel sorry for him though, reports say that it’s by his choice. According to TheJasmineBrand.com, Andrew Wyatt, a spokesman for Cosby stated that he doesn’t want nor expect his wife or their four daughters to visit him in prison, which is about 20 […]

Even thought the rumors are spreading like wildfire all over the internet, they are not true. Reports say, that Bill Cosby was slapped with a chicken patty in jail. Allegedly, Cosby made a joke that wasn’t well received and a fellow inmate allegedly threw a chicken patty at him and and it hit him in […]

Amber has no regrets about saying she wishes Bill Cosby does 10 yrs in prison and then dies the day he gets out. She was met with backlash for her harsh comments but says she does not take back what she said. Over the weekend she doubled down on her comment posting: ***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*** Her […]

Oh Boy! Seems like Bill Cosby is gonna have a rough way to go during his prison sentence. Reports are already swirling that his first day was a hard one. A source from the Montgomery County courthouse told reporters that Cosby was reportedly allowed a brief call to his wife of 54 years, Camille, but on speakerphone. […]

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  Once called America’s dad Bill Cosby has now been deemed a Sexually Violent Predator and has been sentenced to 3-10 years in prison. TRENDING STORY: Win Now! $250 Cash By Taking Our Music Survey  According to CNN Judge Steven T. O’Neill sentenced Cosby was convicted in April of “three counts of aggravated indecent assault for […]

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I guess the Cosbys need a history lesson. I can only imagine how a wife can feel knowing that her husband is a convicted rapist. We can only imagine how Camille Cosby feels about her husband Bill potentially going to prison for rape. However to compare a man that admitted to giving women Quaaludes to a […]

  Bill Cosby called the District Attorney, Kevin Steele,  an “a**hole” shortly after his guilty verdict. The jury had already been dismissed and did not hear the remarks. It came on the heels of Steele advising the Judge to revoke bail for Cosby because he has a private jet and could escape to anywhere in […]

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The Board of Trustees at Ohio State University is expect to vote on rescinding Bill Cosby’s honorary doctorate, reports say. Cosby was awarded the honorary “Doctor of Education” doctorate 17 years ago in 2001, in which he also delivered the commencement address to the school’s graduating class. The decision to revoke Cosby’s honorary doctorate comes […]

Lisa Bonet has remained quiet about the whole situation going on with Bill Cosby and the sexual allegations, until now. She says that the situation has not tainted her memories of her years on The Cosby Show and  A Different World, but she did sense a very dark energy with Cosby. When asked if she […]

  Such sad news! Bill Cosby’s Daughter, Ensa, is dead at just 44 years old. Ensa reportedly died Friday night in Massachusetts. She was a very strong supporter of her father as he was going through his legal troubles.   Her cause of death is unknown even though it was said that she battle major […]