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With all of this rain, I feel like we need to start getting the animals together, two by two and prepare to load the ark. Columbus weather is officially taking “summer rain” to another level. Well, if you are as tired of the rain as I am, below are 10 ways you can spend your rainy days so that you don’t fall into a deep depression.

1. Turn to your favorite channel and watch show marathons. This is a good way to catch up on reruns and catch missed episodes.

2. Pray, meditate or relax. We all have busy lives, so this is a perfect time to get quiet and become one with your thoughts.

3. Online shopping is a great alternative to rushing to the mall in the rain. You can cozy up on the couch, browse and buy away.

4. Bake or cook that dish you’ve been putting off. You may even have a cook book or recipe you want to try.

5. Clean! We all put off really cleaning our home due to the hustle bustle of life. Take your time to declutter and get organized.

6. DYI projects are always nice. Work on a room or area to give it new life or put it back in use.

7. Family fun always brings a smile to everyone’s faces. Turn off the cell phones and tv and do something creative. Board games or even a scavenger hunt would be a great alternative to the usually routine.

8. Paint, draw, sketch, write or read…these are all good ways to tap into your creativity or escape from the norm and explore.

9. Take a nice, soothing bath. Light some candles and grab a glass a wine and just woo-saaa.

10. Find some of your favorite music to enjoy. Sing, dance and reminisce. Music is a sure way to get you in a good mood.

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