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The Original Big Daddy–his Instagram name, not our nickname for him–has announced that he’s working on a brand new show. Lee Daniels announced that he and Fox are currently developing another music-themed series, centered on a girl group, called, Star. Sounds like someone found his niche on the small screen.

Variety is reporting that Fox bosses Dana Walden and Gary Newman offered up details on the upcoming show, which explores the cutthroat music scene and asks the question, what do you do to rise to the top? They explained that Daniels “talks a lot about everything from ‘Dreamgirls’ to modern-day girl groups that are manufactured, they are put together, they don’t have an organic reason to be together,” Walden said. “That setup lends to a great soap operatic storytelling machine.”

Casting is soon to begin for ‘Star’ and we can’t wait to see what Daniels will have to offer. However, just because Empire is also a music show, Daniels says don’t expect for the shows to cross paths. Walden said, “It is modern-day music music in Atlanta and Empire is modern-day music business in New York,” Walden said. “It’s not inconceivable that the two shows can cross.”

That could have been fun, but Daniels has something else up his sleeve for Empire, and that’s a spinoff. He revealed at the Television Critic Association press tour that, “Without question there will be a spinoff. We talked about it in the room already.” We would love for that spinoff to be the prequel, following Cookie’s climb to the top of the drug game, up until she was in jail! Can we get some writer credit for that good idea? What would you want to see in an Empire spinoff?

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