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Are you single and wondering what is the best way to maximize your time until your king or queen comes into your life? Well, I have some ideas…check them out below:

1.  Get Right with God

If is very important to have your spiritual life in order before you settle down. Love and relationships can be hard, so your faith will be essential in ‘making it last forever’ (Keith Sweat voice)

2. Find Your Purpose

You are here, but what are you supposed to do? I believe we are all here to serve something other than ourselves. What would you do for free? What do you naturally gravitate to that you happen to do well? Take some time to discover you purpose and then work toward fulfilling it.

3. Get Fit

How can you be ready for love if you can’t take a nice walk in the park or along the beach without getting short-winded? Whether it’s doing yoga in your home or getting a gym membership, get up and get moving.

4. Explore

Do some things you’ve always wanted to do. Take a trip alone, sign up for a new class or write a book…do some things that will enrich your life so that you will already feel complete by the time true love comes. It will feel like a bonus, not a lifesaver.

5. Let Go of Baggage

Get your mind right! Let go of all of the things from your past relationships and prepare for the love you desire. Nothing is worse that making someone pay for others mistakes.