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Exterior of house in suburbs

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According to Fox 28, some teenagers were talking and hanging out on their south side porch Thursday evening. They glanced across the street and saw a toddler crawling out a second story duplex window. They rushed over to the house and one of the teens caught the two-year-old boy as he dropped about 15 feet from the porch roof.

“A baby, just hanging there, I didn’t know what to think so we just dashed over there,” said 17-year-old Joella Stump. Her friend Miranda caught the child, and Joella tried to comfort the boy. “I was sitting there rubbing his stomach and seeing if it was alright and he just like reached out and with his little lip quivering and he started crying. It was so sad, I started hugging him,” said Stump.

Shaun Bryant, the toddler’s father said he wasn’t at home at the time. But Shaun Senior said Shaun Junior has been a kid on the go and one of the older children left a window open in the upstairs bedroom.

“He has been trying to escape. I think it’s because the new baby is home and he is not getting as much attention as he usually did.”

Bryant said he’s shaken because the child could have died if he hit concrete.

“It was an accident and it was very upsetting to me.”

Bryant thanked the teens for their quick action.

“I am grateful to them for that, absolutely, that is crazy that even happened.”

Police and medics were called to the scene. Officers are considering referring the case to Franklin County Children’s Services.

“I plan to look for new window locks,” said Bryant.

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