The smartwatch is one of the greatest tools a parent can have. When it comes to reminders, it’s like having someone next to you tap your arm when stuff needs to get done. With the Apple Watch a success, it’s only expected for their nemesis Samsung to announce their latest smartwatch, the Gear S2. This time around, Samsung gave the previous watch’s rectangular shape the boot in exchange for a circular design. That’s great news for parenting machines that prefer not look like actual machines. There hasn’t been any word on the release date or price at the time of this writing but rumor strongly suggests being able to get hands on one late fall.

Skylanders SuperChargers

Available October 25 in the Apple App Store

Skylanders Superchargers

Kids go nuts over the Skylanders games. Just when you think you’ve shut them up with latest one, a newer version comes out for them to bug you about. This fall, Skylanders is adding iPads and iPod Touches to their landscape with the SuperChargers line. There’s a starter package (cheaper option) that comes with a controller and stand for the toys to interact with the game. All connect to your tablet via Bluetooth. Don’t worry, if you can’t figure all that stuff out, your kid will already know how to set it all up.

Logitech Keys To Go keyboard

Price: $69.99


Because there’s never a time with a kid when you won’t need a water-resistant keyboard. Logitech’s Keys To Go line of portable keyboards are extremely useful as it’s not limited to phones and tablets. It can also be used for devices like Apple TV. It’s light, has great battery life and can withstand an excited toddler who is still getting that drinking from a cup thing down.

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