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Could you raise a transgender child?

One mother speaks about raising her daughter…as a boy.

“One day I asked Penelope, “What’s the matter, love? Why are you so angry all the time?” Penelope responded with a flood of tears, “Because everyone thinks I’m a girl, and I’m not.” I knew at that moment it was important to say something that would convey my unconditional love and support. “Oh, baby, you’re free to be whoever you feel you are. What’s inside is what counts.” Penelope spoke up more clearly than ever before and looked directly into my eyes. “Mama, I don’t feel like a boy. I am a boy,” Jodie Patterson told Essence Magazine.

Watch her and Penelope’s story below:

Is raising your child as the opposite sex good or bad parenting?

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(Photo/Video Source: Cosmopolitan YouTube)

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