After Fox dropped the sweeping and epic first trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence, one character omission stood out as glaringly obvious. For various reasons, Will Smith chose not to return as Col. Steven Hiller, and his character’s fate was left wide open in the trailer itself. Fans of the original are certainly interested to see how Roland Emmerich would explain Hiller’s character’s absence, and there are few things worse than coming out of a sequel without such an answer. You can’t create a character as heroic and charismatic as Hiller and discard him without a clear fate.

Fortunately, audiences don’t have to wait for that information. Read forward if you want the spoilerish reason Hiller does not return for the sequel.

No, Hiller does not shout, “I could’ve been at a barbecue!” and disappear into a puff of smoke — although that would have been a righteous end.


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