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Sometimes all you can do is laugh and say My God! You know when someone spends so much time trying to scandalize your name and reputation…

it is often because they are terrified of their secrets being exposed. Sadly, in this day and age it’s a race to discredit the other person

…so that you can protect your own image. All of the things I have been accused of are deflections of her own reflection.

Sadly when you have tried to love someone who is/was an addict although they may have recovered…

or at least want you to think they have recovered, they often still carry the behaviors of their addiction. Erratic,dysfunctional&deceitful!

There’s a difference in being a stellar actress able to be convincing in any role & someone who’s being their ugly selves in every role!

I am so blessed to have been protected from the results of living with a person who lived life recklessly.

Drugs,disease & a destroyed reproductive system wreaked havoc in her heart. So dark in her heart. I continue to pray for her deliverance.”


So who do you think is right in the situation – and aside from Tisha being a loyal friend, was it even necessary to post all of this in a public forum on either side? 

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