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Low Angle View Of Green Light Against Modern Office Building In City

Source: Karn Bulsuk / EyeEm / Getty

According to Fox 28, windy weather causing problems across Central Ohio. Near Indianola Avenue, in Columbus, police blocked off an alley. A power pole was leaning, which they say was potentially dangerous for anyone who gets close.

In New Albany, Cindy Saltre says an oak tree came crashing down in her back yard, when she was in her family room. “I was inside the house reading and I saw a shadow and the tree just went right over,” Saltre said.

Around the same time in Canal Winchester, Theresa West tells us her 2-year-old great grandson, her son and a dog escaped from her unit that caught fire, in George’s Creek Apartments. She says it started when her son was smoking outside. “He was trying to put his cigarette out and the wind was so strong, it blew him up against the house and when he flicked it, I guess the wind blew it back into the bushes,” West said.

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