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If you are seeking to further your career, no matter what stage you are in, here are five tips to implement into your everyday work life to do so:

1. Sit With Your Vision and Make a Plan

If you’re seeking to make a return to the workforce, get a promotion, a raise, or even thinking about making a move to another company or a different industry, writing down your vision and making a plan will kick start the road to achieving your goals. You can’t keep your dreams bottled up without acting on them, therefore you should write them down and get to moving.

2. Network 

I prefer networking in an organic fashion. Meeting people at a barbecue, wedding, conference and just letting the conversation flow until we realize we may be an asset to and for one another. Even if you prefer the standard networking tactics of attending receptions and conferences, keep the strict goal of networking with potential clients and employers.

3. Know Your Worth

Even if you’re not looking to make a move, continue to apply for new positions and interview so you know what the going rate is for people with your experience and background. Understanding where you are in your career, and how other employers view you as a contribution to their company may give you insight into how/if you need to make any adjustments.

4. Volunteer

If your employer, client or local not-for-profit organization is seeking assistance, offer it. Putting your name out there will allow others to see what you have to offer and may open doors you never knew existed.

5. Revisit Your Education

This includes going to back to school to finish your undergrad degree, taking a few courses at your community college, or taking continuing education course in your particular field. As long as you can make yourself more marketable by acquiring new skill sets and knowledge, then by all means, do so !

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