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A family right here is Ohio has just received not one but four blessings!

Quadruplet brothers from Liberty Township were all accepted into Havard and Yale. That’s not all, they also were accepted into Duke, Stanford, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins and Cornell.

“We’re still in shock honestly, I don’t think it has sunk in yet. We didn’t go into this thinking ‘Oh we’re going to apply to all these schools and get into all of them.’ It wasn’t so much about the prestige or so much about the name as it was — it was important that we each find a school where we think that we’ll thrive, and where we think that we’ll contribute,” mentioned Aaron to the Washington Post.

Will they all go to the same school? Right now the brothers haven’t decided what they plan to do just yet.

“We really don’t know. We still have to make those decisions,” Nick Wade said. “We’re just shocked. We still don’t believe that we got in.”

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Source: News One