A family right here is Ohio has just received not one but four blessings! Quadruplet brothers from Liberty Township were all accepted into Havard and Yale. That’s not all, they also were accepted into Duke, Stanford, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins and Cornell. “We’re still in shock honestly, I don’t think it has sunk in yet. We didn’t […]

The Crouch quadruplets are serving up Black History excellence for sure! Ray, Kenny, Carol and Martina Crouch have all been accepted in the Yale. According to the New York Times, the Crouches’ perfect batting average represents a first for Yale — the first time in anyone’s memory that it has offered admission to quadruplets. It […]

Man, talk about being fruitful and multiplying! Check out this story via MSN below about a woman having quadruplets at age 65! A 65-year-old Berlin woman who already has 13 children is pregnant again with quadruplets, German media reported Sunday. The Russian and English teacher’s pregnancy follows several attempts abroad at artificial insemination over the last […]

For an Arizona father, what he first described as the “best day” of his life quickly took a turn for the worse when his wife died…

It is always amazing to see good come of tragic situations. If you have been paying attention to international news, you know that there has been major unrest in Gaza. Lives have been lost and in the midst of all of that, 4 lives have come into the world. According to ABC News, A Palestinian woman gave […]