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Activist uses a creative way to fight back against our racist president.

President Donald Trump is always proving to be his own worst enemy. This week after it was confirmed by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin that the president did call African and Hispanic nations “shithole countries,” everybody hates him even more.

So much more someone decided to creatively vandalize the Trump Tower in Washington D.C. with the word “shithole.” Someone pointed a projector facing the entrance of the hotel with the letters “shithole” and poop emojis Saturday night.

Trump keeps catching hell over his comments as now Republican Senator Lindsay Graham is the first from his party to confirm that the reports are “all accurate.” Alias have all come out condemning our president. Many African nations have demanded an apology from the president (don’t hold your breath). However, the president is trying to sell that he didn’t use the word “shithole” but “strong language” talking about these countries.

Let’s be honest, this isn’t the first racist thing the president has said, won’t be the last.

Source: NewsOne Now