President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is breaking a forty-year tradition of presidents by refusing to unveil former President Obama's official White House portrait in the traditional ceremony. 

Black twitter vs Trump The president has a habit of being able to dish the heat but can’t take it. His Twitter ban list keeps getting longer and longer by each day. Most of the people on his ban list seem to be part of Black Twitter (hence his approval rating among African Americans is a […]

Who knows what message the President of the United States will deliver on Tuesday’s State of the Union Address. One thing we do know is what Ohioans expect to hear and receive from their commander and chief. 10TV asked people in Central Ohio what issues they wanted to see addressed. Everything from women’s rights, immigration, […]

The president has sent his attack dogs igniting a war on the press. Journalist April Ryan is about her business. So much so she has revealed the incompetence and non-democratic ways of the Trump administration. This has now made her enemy number one in the eyes of the administration. To a point that she is receiving […]

Ginther joins many who are placing blame on the GOP. Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther didn’t hold back any punches when discussing who’s to blame for the current government shutdown. In a statement released over the weekend, Ginther puts the blame on President Donald Trump and the Republican party. “Let’s be clear: The federal government shutdown […]

Many men and women in Hollywood made it their mission to participate in this year’s Women’s March. Women’s rights and fighting against sexual assault and the Trump administration were the focal points like in 2017.   Many stars like Whoopi Goldberg, Viola Davis, Michael Moore, Lupita Nyong’o and more march with the people and took to the […]

Pastor Burns may need to go back to Bible study ASAP! Leave it to our sis Joy-Ann Reid to drag people for the filth they are. She was at it again when so-called Pastor Mark Burns try to defend President Donald Trump and his “shithole” comments. First, Reid corrected him when the colored-contact wearing pastor […]

Dr. King turning over in his grave. Looks like even some of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Kuther King Jr’s own blood is stuck in a sunken place. We saw Dr. King Jr’s own nephew Isaac Newton Farris, Jr stand with President Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson as the president try to save face after […]

Activist uses a creative way to fight back against our racist president. President Donald Trump is always proving to be his own worst enemy. This week after it was confirmed by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin that the president did call African and Hispanic nations “shithole countries,” everybody hates him even more. So much more someone decided […]

Congressman Corey Booker isn’t the first black politician to receive death threats, won’t be the last. ABC News reports that Senator Corey Booker added more security after receiving death threats. Police officers have been added to protect his New Jersey residence. “The Newark Police Division has been notified by the United States Capitol Police (USCP) regarding a threat […]

Lavar plans on sending the president a gift for helping him increase the millions in his bank account. Lavar Ball has been able to troll the president into a rage in recent weeks. The father of LiAngelo Ball, one of three UCLA basketball players caught stealing in China says he has a Christmas present to […]

You may be laughing but Scott is already ready to run for Congress. reports that Pastor Darrell Scott has been talking to President Donald Trump’s inner circle to get support to run against Ohio GOP Rep. Dave Joyce. “They’re family. They look at me as family, and I look at them as family,” the 58-year-old Cleveland-area […]