The attack on Black and African hairstyles needs to end.

We all have either been in a situation or know someone who has been confronted to shave or change up their hairstyles.

One of the latest cases to hit the mainstream is University of Pennslyvania new “clean cut” policy which states men can only have mustaches or short sideburns, no beards. Joseph Lewis, a six-year vet, suffers from painful shaving bumps and has fought that the policy is unfair and racially motivated. The case has since been sent to court to be tried by a jury.

Corporate America has seen many cases of workplace discrimination by not hiring or harassing black men and women about how they choose the upkeep of their natural locks. Even the U.S. Army tried to pass a policy saying dreadlocks or other natural hairstyles worn by women of color were banned. Soldiers fought back and forced the Army to get rid of the policy.

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Source: NewsOne Now, Army Times

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