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Drake has announced that he is now a vegetarian. He recently shared the news while on Twitter playing the popular game, Fortnite. However, PETA had a few choice words for Drizzy new found diet.


Source: WENN / WENN

PETA has asked the rapper to stop wearing animal fur and to end his fashion collab with the company Canada Goose. Peta said, “Drake’s decision to ditch meat is widely beneficial—to him, to the environment, and, of course, to animals. By not eating them, he’s sparing countless animals torture and death. But there’s one more step that he should take to help prevent animal suffering: He must end the partnership between his company, October’s Very Own (OVO), and Canada Goose immediately.”

They continued, “Canada Goose touts a fake love for the environment yet kills ducks and geese for their down and uses painful steel traps to catch wild coyotes—who pray to make it back in one piece to their families but instead suffer and are killed in horrible ways so that their fur can go around someone’s neck. This senseless violence for the sake of a jacket is definitely not part of God’s Plan.’

Ha! Gotta love the song reference tho…


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