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After being called “illiterate,” a “caricature” and more by Azealia Banks this week, Cardi B took the steps to secure her peace of mind leading up to the birth of her baby.

Cardi B Carefully Pens (& Proofreads) IG Note For “All The Akeelah & The Bees Out There”

Cardi deactivated her Instagram and made her Twitter private Saturday, explaining in a tweet, “I’m tired of the bullshit. I need to enjoy my pregnancy, family, new projects and my partner. Listen to Invasion Of Privacy.”

Saturday, she wrote, “I speak how I speak. My mom speak broken English my dad speak Spanish and i use a lot of hood slang. That’s that!”

Her final IG post addressed Azealia’s critiques of her in more detail, and with carefully proofread grammar and punctuation “for all the Akeelah And The Bees:”

”You think because someone uses a lot of big words and long sentences that makes them smart!? How smart are you if you don’t know that the meaning of illiterate means to not know how to read or write. I can do both, and speak two languages fluently. Just because I mix a few words up, forget to use commas, or misspell a few words doesn’t make me illiterate, and doesn’t make me stupid. And, because I laugh a little harder or talk a little louder doesn’t make me a caricature!”

You can see Banks’ latest comments on The Breakfast Club below, but she’s been publicly critical of Cardi since last September when she called her “a poor man’s Nicki (Minaj).”

At the time, Cardi responded by sharing a clip of Banks dancing to “Bodak Yellow” with the caption, “One of the reasons Bodak Yellow went #1 cuz even the HATERS LOVE IT!!”

Banks claims that Cardi’s glow up is driven by colorism, and the industry’s desire to derail intelligent conversations about racism and sexism.

She told The Breakfast Club, “There was just this really, really, really intelligent conversation going on nationally and then everything just kind of changed, and then it was, like, Cardi B.”

Banks added that she was “talking about this caricature of a black woman that black women themselves, would never be able to get away with.”

On The Breakfast Club, she argued, “If my spelling and grammar was that bad, I’d be canceled… I just don’t understand the extreme lack of couth. I’ve never seen that at the forefront of rap. I didn’t know that the standards…the bar…would be lowered so much.”

Banks wasn’t impressed by Cardi’s recent responses to the interview:

She wrote, ”You and whoever wrote this reply for you don’t have the intelligence to engage in this not-so-complex discussion.” She added, “I spoke about it for all of two minutes in an interview and you respond by calling me unattractive, mentioning my bleaching my skin, and telling me to ‘suck your ass’, immediately proving yourself to be exactly who I thought you were.”

On her newly privatize Twitter, Cardi retweeted the latest streaming numbers, which put her at 11.8 million streams this week.

The numbers back up Cardi’s point, but the skintones of the all the other women on the list suggest there’s some truth to Azealia’s bigger point.

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