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Nicki Minaj is telling us she really feels about the altercation between her and Cardi B! As previously reported, Nicki and Cardi had a run in at Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party during New York Fashion Week. Nicki has hopped on her Queen Radio show and gave everyone an earful saying, “The other night, I was part of something so mortifying and so humiliating to go through in front of a bunch upper echelon… people who have their life together. The way they passed by looking at this disgusting commotion. I was mortified.” She added, “I could not believe how humiliated it all felt because we—and I use we loosely, and I’ma clarify we—how we made ourselves look”


Source: ANGELA WEISS / Getty

Nicki denied speaking ill of Cardi’s daugther Kulture, saying, “I would never discuss anyone’s child and it’s so sad for someone to pin that on me because I’m the bad guy and they know people would believe them. I would never talk about anyone’s child or parenting. I don’t care about anyone’s parenting. I don’t give a sh*t. It’s so crazy to me that people always need to make Onika the bad guy. Onika Tanya Maraj would never, has never, and will never speak ill of anyone’s child. I am not a clown. That’s clown sh*t.”

Nicki accused Cardi of payola (paying for radio play) and sleeping with DJs to get her records played, saying “Who are you angry at, sweetheart? Do you know what it’s like to sit in your room for hours writing raps? You came into my f**king culture. I never had to f**k a DJ to play my songs.” Nicki accused Cardi of building her career off of “sympathy” and “payola.”

Nicki later added, “You put your hands on certain people and you gonna die.”


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